How to Publish A Post in A WordPress Blog

In this tutorial, you will learn how to publish a post in a wordpress blog. You already have a blog and customized it and the next step to start blogging. Congratulations, most people don’t made it this far. This is the level where the champions like you are separated from the ordinary people.

So let’s get going and publish your first blog post.

As what I have mentioned before you start your blog, you have to think first of your content, your topic for everything will be all about it. So this is the moment where you have to write an article on that topic.

How to Publish A Post in A WordPress Blog

So let’s put this blog post as an example, as you can see the backbone of this blog is what you see in the screenshot. So take a look at the picture above.

How did I do this? How did I publish this post?

How to Publish A Post in A WordPress Blog

Given you have already logged in into your wordpress dashboard, these are the seven (7) easy steps on how to publish a post in a wordpress blog.

Step 1. Go to Posts Menu in Your WordPress Dashboard

The first step in order for you to learn how to publish a post in a wordpress blog is to go to your wordpress dashboard then go to Posts Menu and click on the Add New submenu. So you will see many options here.


Step 2. Create a Blog Title

You already have an article in mind, so create a title out of it and put it in the Title Text Field. For example: How to Publish A Post in A WordPress Blog. A title is a very important factor in your blog post.

In the readers’ view, when they see the title and interested in that one, they will likely to click on that. Like what you did. You are interested on learning how to publish a post in a WordPress blog that’s why you clicked this post even though you just saw it on the other post.

In the search engines’ view, base on your title they would likely to predict that your content is related to that title. So when somebody searches on the search engine, your blog would likely be recommended. There are many factors in regarding how search engine works and I am going to reveal that in the next course but right now try to publish a post even for experimental purposes only.


Step 3. Fix Your Permalink

You see the link below your title? That’s a permalink. That is very essential in creating your blog post. Your permalink should be fixed. The most recommended one is like what I did in this post.


How can you change your permalink? Open a separate or a new tab and log in to your dashboard so what you are currently doing will not be overridden.

Go to Settings Menu then go to Permalinks submenu. There you will have many options like Plain, Day and Name, Month and Name, Numeric, Post Name and Custom Structure permalink settings. I recommend you use day and name or month and name.


Step 3. Write About Your Topic

So the next step in order for you to publish a post in a wordpress blog is write about your topic. What is it you want your readers to read? Can they find useful information in your article? When they read it can it entertain them, give them knowledge, teach them or something?

The very critical part in writing about your topic is the purpose of your topic delivered in a way readers will understand it clearly.

Let’s put an example. You are very very interested on a topic and you want to share it to others using your blog as a medium. So knowledgeable and so eager to write but when readers reads it, they don’t understand. They don’t understand what you want them to understand. You are not stating things clearly.

In order to create a useful and understandable article, always set your self in the foot of the readers. If you are writing an article for the general public, consider reading back again your blog and ask yourself, will the readers who don’t have a doctorate degree can understand this? Base on the given example, your target audience is general public. Always be clear.


Step 4. Create A Category

Given you already have written a great article, the next thing you have to do is categorize it. Because you are going to create hundreds or thousands of articles more, you need to categorize them not just for you but for your readers.

For example in this blog, when you click on the Themes Menu above, you will be shown many articles regarding WordPress Themes. That’s how categories work.

You can create a category on the right sidebar on your Add New Post Board below the publish button or you can add on Categories submenu, see left sidebar.


Step 5. Add Tags

Tags are also important in a blog post. For example there is a Themes Menu in this blog but there are no wordpress themes or premium wordpress themes category. The other way to organize that is to use tags.

The real purpose of tags is for the search engines to look into your blog if you have these tags and make it a relevant one. It will add up to the ranking of your article in the search result. There is no exact proof to that but it is recommended by SEO Experts. Almost everybody is using it.

In your left sidebar, you can find the Tags Bar below the Categories Bar, try to add keywords in your article. Example: in this post I added “How to Publish A Post in A WordPress Blog”


Step 6. Set Featured Image

Setting up featured image is a important factor on how to publish a post in a wordpress blog. It is an image that represents your content.

It is very important to attract visitors and click on that article because the featured image is very catchy. It is one factor why your blog post can go viral because if readers share it on social media, and his/her friends found the featured image, the title and the brief description very interesting, would likely to click on the link to your blog and reads your article. If it entertains them, they would share it and can go viral for many days. Later in this course I will also discuss how to make your blog post go viral on social media. You can general a lot of money from that.

To add a Featured Image, go to Featured Image Bar, you can see that in your right sidebar. Click on the Set Featured Image Link and then you will then be asked if you want to upload a new image or select from the existing images in your Media Files.


Step 7. Review Your Article and Publish Your Post

If you are writing directly on your blog post editing dashboard like what I am doing, the best thing to check your grammar and spelling is to go to Microsoft Word and review it. If you have fixed all errors, try to read again and again your article for at least two (2) times before your publish it.

Review your article every time for you don’t want to have misspelled word or wrong grammar, your readers may won’t read the whole article or don’t trust your blog anymore. Be careful not to commit many same mistakes.

After all the proofreading, click on the Publish button and share your article on your social media profiles.


So you already know how to publish a blog post. The next thing you have to do is keep on writing articles and increase your visitors. You are not ready yet to earn money in your blog so let’s take it one by one.

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