How to Customize The Appearance of A WordPress Blog on Bluehost

So you already have a wordpress blog and now you want to learn how to customize the appearance of a wordpress blog on Bluehost. Okay this may sound techy but don’t worry, if you are thinking this is difficult, this is not actually. WordPress is a very user friendly platform wherein people who do not know to write a computer program or codes can easily customize a wordpress blog.

How to Customize the Appearance of A WordPress Blog on Bluehost

If you have followed my previous tutorial on how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost and successfully did it, congratulations! Let’s get going then. In the tutorial you will learn how customize the appearance of your new wordpress blog.

If you are not so familiar what is a wordpress theme, I will elaborate briefly. A wordpress theme is like an empty structure of your blog. Practically, it’s like an empty house. You can add furniture, curtains or electronics devices base on the actual structure of your house. Like a wordpress theme, you can add header, sidebar or logo base on the structure of your theme. You can even change colors, fonts and sized depending on your theme options.

How to Customize the Appearance of A WordPress Blog on Bluehost: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Go to WordPress Blog Administrator Dashboard

The very first thing to do in order to customize the appearance of a wordpress blog on Bluehost, you need to log in into your dashboard. How can you do that? The default one is go to or and enter your username and password.

Remember when you set-up and install the wordpress blog on bluehost? You are ask to enter the Blog Name, Email Address, Username and Password. Use that username and password.

Step 2. Go to Appearance Menu

In the Appearance Menu, you will find 7 submenus:

  • Themes – change or upload wordpress themes.
  • Customize – customize the look of your current active wordpress theme.
  • Widgets – add widgets in header, sidebar and footer if your theme has these options.
  • Menus – navigation menu (Home, Start a Blog, Increase Pageviews, etc.).
  • Header – blog name, logo or header ads (depends on your theme).
  • Edit CSS – edit the css of your theme.
  • Editor – edit the entire code/scripts in your theme.

What you want to do is to go to Customize submenu wherein you will be given a dashboard to change your logo, blog name, add widgets, menus and more.

You can have an experiment here. Try to do and think if your customization is good.

Step 3. Save The Final Cutomization

Okay this is very easy but most people forget to do this. If you are okay with the position of your logo, your header, your menus and sidebar widgets then it’s time to save your final cutomization in your blog’s appearance.

If you don’t want  your theme, there are many free themes in wordpress just browse on the Apperance ► Themes. You can add and activate. You can also upload one especially when you bought a professional wordpress theme.

The best wordpress themes are the one you can find in MyThemeshop. They have excellent collection of FREE and Professional wordpress themes. What I love the most aside from the best designs is all are SEO ready, meaning GOOGLE, YAHOO and other search engines can easily search your blog.

In order for you to add form existing free wordpress theme, just click on the Add New Theme Button. Here you can install with the free one or upload a professional one from MyThemeshop.

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