How to Start A WordPress Blog on Bluehost: 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

For the purpose of helping you learn how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost, this blog was created. I personally hosted this blog on Bluehost and took note of the step by step process. But this is not just another ordinary tutorial, I will not just going to help you create a blog but also guide you on how to earn money from it.

How to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost 2017

If you don’t have any technical knowledge or background about blogging, don’t worry because all will be explained to you in full details.

A wordpress blog could be your most powerful source of income online if started and done correctly. I am Lester by the way and I have been blogging for two (2) years now and I committed a lot of mistakes along the way but the knowledge I have gained in blogging is much more.

Later in this course I will unfold to you many tips and useful guides to successfully build your blog and earn money on it.

If you use this guide on how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost, I can guarantee you 100% you can create a blog in just 15 minutes.

But what you need to know before you can start a blog is you need Bluehost.

What is Bluehost and why do you need it when starting a wordpress blog?

It’s simple. Think of it this way: you are the one responsible in creating your own blog articles or contents and Bluehost is the one responsible for putting your wordpress blog online so you and the world can look at it when searching on the brower.

Disclosure: Before you proceed, you must know that I’ll earn small commission but with no extra cost to you if you purchase a package through one of my affiliate links. No additional cost and you can even save money from the regular price. This blog is purposely hosted in Bluehost and well-documented to give you a very detailed, precise guide how to start a wordpress blog. Thank you for your support.

Click here to open Bluehost in your new window. Follow the tutorial below to get started. This should just take a maximum of 15 minutes before your first wordpress blog comes online.

Welcome back. So you have checked Bluehost through my link and maybe you already have a small overview of it.

Before we start with the tutorial, what is the driving force that makes you think you need to learn how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost?

Maybe to start your career and make money online? Share your travel adventures or tips and guides? Whatever that may be this is a comprehensive tutorial how to make that happen.

Note that there are tons of people out there making hundreds or thousands of dollars everyday though their wordpress blogs. Imagine if you are like them. You have no boss, you have all the time you need, you are free and earning money online. If you are aiming to be one of them, this is your chance. Scott DeLong is a perfect example. He owns a wordpress blog worth $100 Million and generating around $35 Million per year. His topic is all about viral news and stories online.

Truth be told, I am on my way on becoming one of them. I quit my day job recently in the middle of December 2016 and took a leap forward to becoming a full time blogger. I am earning a decent income, yes.

But in your case, you don’t have to be a full time blogger now.  Before I decided to quit my day job, I started blogging 2 years ago. Most people say, don’t start blogging if you are only thinking earning money online.

No sir. I am a real proof that is wrong. When I first started a blog, my real goal, the first thing I have in mind is how to start a wordpress blog that would bring me opportunity to earn money online. I can still remember the happiness and excitement when I received the first comment in my blog, the first post that went viral and the first cash out from my earnings.

Right now, one of my blog with around 100 articles is earning $500 dollars per month. It is not that big amount but imagine if you can grow that one every single day. Or imagine if you can create many blogs after you establish one.

I purposely started this wordpress blog and hosted it on Bluehost to help and guide you to make a blog.  I documented every step so have a precise direction and you don’t have to guess and experiment what to do next. I’ve been there and have read unclear tutorials that’s why I will be teaching you very clear one.

Before you start a wordpres blog on Bluehost, you need to consider these very important factors and take these seriously:

Content. What is the content or the things you planned to put in your blog, the purpose why you created one. Is it about your daily travels, your pets, or your home tips? Think of your desired topics and stick with it.

Domain Name. A domain name is the name of your wordpress blog. A recommended domain name is the one that represents your content. You don’t want your domain name be but your contents are funny videos, tech guides or trending articles. Your content should be related to house designs.

Hosting. You already have a content and domain name ideas, but how to put it online so the world will know about you blog? This is the reason why you need Bluehost. When you search your wordpress blog on your blowser, the one who puts it in the web is Bluehost.

Monetization. How do you plan to monetize your blog? Okay here’s the thing. Maybe you don’t have any idea yet but don’t worry, there’s always a way to monetize a blog. You can sell an item, or get advertisers or become an affiliate, etc. In the last part of this course I am going to reveal different monetization platforms you can use. In one of my blogs, I am using Google Adsense earning ~$400/month, where an advertiser will pay me for every visitor who clicks on a banner in my blog. Monetizing your blog is very important but since you are just going to start one, what you should do right now is to make your wordpress blog online.

If you are searching online and most of the articles you have read suggested that you have to start on FREE hosted blogs, base on experience, take my advice, better not waste your time.

When you are hosted on FREE hosting sites:

You do not have all the control to your blog.

Your blog can be deleted anytime all the hard work and great contents you put there can vanish instantly without notice.

You cannot display advertisements which is one way of earning money though your blog.

Starting your own wordpress blog on Bluehost is an investment. It is not just another expense. Treat it as if you are starting your own business. You need to invest just like any normal business would start, it could be a life changing one.

Normally, you have to spend $15 dollars to buy your own domain name and additional around $100 dollars for hosting so you need to purchase a package worth $150 to start your wordpress blog. But thank’s to Bluehost, you can get your own domain name for FREE and hosting for just less than $75.

$75 is not that big investment to start your own business online.

You may think, right now I can’t afford $75 to start my own wordpress blog and start my business online (as I’ve said whatever you are planning to do in your blog treat it as business). I respect that. Totally respect that.

But here’s the thing.

Have you bought a new iphone recently? Or bought a concert ticket? Or went to an expensive night out with friends? That’s great. Really great.

But if you can afford those things, how can you not afford $75 investment that would probable change your career and income?

Ask yourself, is your girlfriend or boyfriend an investment? Okay don’t get me wrong. I just want you to think about that.

Okay that was a lot of introduction about blogging. You may just know a very little in blogging but guess what, all the successful bloggers and wordpress blog owners out there just made one thing to make it all possible.

Action. They just took action just like any of us. And that action is starting a wordpress blog. There is no more perfect time than starting now.

Now if you are ready, if you want to invest your wordpress blog. If you want to earn money online with your blog, take action and let’s begin.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost [Step by Step Tutorial]

Given already have a clear plan on your content and you already have the most ideal name for your blog. You are now ready to learn how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost and put it online. But in this tutorial, I will be showing you how I started this wordpress blog on Bluehost. And I guarantee you, if you follow every single step, you will have your new blog running in few minutes.

So this is how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost.

Step 1. Go to Bluehost.

Step 1 go to bluehost website click get started now

The first step to do on how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost is to Click here to go to Bluehost Website. As mentioned above, Bluehost will make your website content and domain ideas into reality. Bluehost is the official recommended wordpress blog hosting provider. Base on performance, it is second to none. Its been running in a very long time. Bluehost is the world trusted wordpress hosting provider for over 2 million websites.

Please click on the Get Started Now button.

Step 2. Select your plan.

Step 2 Select Your Plan

So you have already clicked the “get started now” button and the next step is to choose a plan. The basic plan, the one in the first column is the recommended one. Why? Because you are just starting out, on the experimental phase and don’t have millions of visitors yet. Go for the basic one  with lower specifications and these are:

  • You can only hosts one (1) website. Meaning if you want to create another website you need to upgrade your hosting plan.
  • 50GB website disk space, but that’s a lot of disk space.
  • Unmetered bandwith – you can have hundreds of visitors reading at your blog in the same time.
  • You get 1 FREE Domain.

Those are the very important specifications. So select basic plan and proceed.

Step 3. Set-up your domain.

Step 3 Set-up Your Domain

What you would see in the third (3rd) step on how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost is to set-up your new domain. Like what I did, I put startblogeasy as the name of my domain since I want to start a wordbless blog wherein my topics are all about starting a wordpress blog on Bluehost.

This is one of the most important factors in starting you blog. Chose your domain name carefully. If you have entered an invalid domain name, so meaning someone owned that name already, so try to put dash (-) in the middle like or prefix “the” like

Chose your domain name carefully for it will represent your brand. Your whole wordpress blog.

Step 4. Create your account.

Step 4 Create your account 2

The fourth (4th) step is to create your account on Bluehost.

The first segment would be your Account Information. You need to provide your real information like First Name, Last Name, Address, etc. Fill up all the necessary information box.

The second segment is the Package Information. So here’s what you should do, pay attention and careful with this one. Follow these two recommended steps:

  • In your Account Plan, chose Basic 12 Month Price. This is if you want to host your wordpress blog for one (1) year. One year is recommended since you are just starting out and have to study if your blog is going the right way. You have one whole year to make your wordpress blog online and it is in your hands whether you can make millions from it or nothing at all. Depends on you.
  • You can see five (5) checkboxes in this part. Only chose Domain Privacy Protection. What is it? It is a service program where your personal information will not appear in terms when hackers want to know you or the owner of the domain. Leave the other four (4) unchecked, the Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart, SiteLock Security – Find, and Comodo PositiveSSL Bundle. Right now you don’t need them yet so just mark check the Domain Privacy Protection.

The third segment is the Payment Information. So in this part, to complete all your transactions in Bluehost, you need to pay for the hosting price. This is the part where you take action to invest in your wordpress blog. Trust me, if you put most of your efforts and determination in starting and growing your blog, all will be worth it.

If you have a credit card or a master card, type in the Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Signature/CW2 Code (a three (3) or four(4) digits number you can find at the back of your card).

So if you ask what if I don’t have a credit card or a master card top pay in Bluehost? Well the most practical way to complete your transaction is either to open an account in your bank that would need 2 weeks for approval or the best way is to borrow from your relatives or friends. Just borrow from one of them and pay the exact amount or add some tip if ever the transaction is complete.

Given you have already paid. You will receive an email from Bluehost regarding your payment.

Step 5. Configure your password.

Step 5 Configure your password

If your payment went through. You will be directed into the welcome to bluehost page. All your account information will be show and at the top part you can see a create your password button. Click that one and a new tab or window in your browser will be opened and you need to set-up or put a password in your account.

REMEMBER. Your domain name (with the .com) will be your account name in Bluehost.

Password confirmation 2

Right after you have entered your desired password and validated it, Bluehost will officially create your brand new account. Wait for a few seconds for the process.

REMEMBER. Don’t forget your password. If you need to access your account sooner or later, you domain name is your username and the password is what you have just entered. Remember it or put it in your phone or write it in a paper and keep it just in case you forget.

Step 6. Install WordPress in your Bluehost Account Dashboard

Step 6 Install WordPress in your Bluehost Account Dashboard 2

The sixth (6th) step in how to start a wordpress blog on Bluehost is to install wordpress in your Bluehost account dashboard. When I did this, I am really really excited. I don’t know why but I do feel that way.

What you should do is to find and click on the Install WordPress button. See picture above with arrow.

Error in intalling wordpress on bluehost account dashboard 2

Don’t worry. Maybe you are but don’t worry. If you receive this error message saying: “Unable to log in to SimpleScripts. We are currently provisioning your cPanel account.” This means Bluehost is still on the process of assigning a server in your account or cPanel (Control Panel) account.

Relax for at least 1 or 2 minutes and did you see the Click Here and try and login again in the bottom part? Click that after 1 or 2 minutes.

Notification when wordpress is ready to install in Bluehost account dashboard 2017

You will see this page Welcome to the Bluehost Marketplace, meaning you are good to proceed to installation of wordpress. Click on the Get Started button below. See the arrow.

Choose your domain name on Bluehost 2

You will then be directed to this page. There will be two text boxes where one is you have to select your domain. Just click the Select your domain box leave the directory untouched. So in this part you have to select where you want your domain to appear with www or without www. It depends on you but, with www is the recommended one like

Choose your domain name on Bluehost with www 2

If you have selected one, click on the Next button.

Complete WordPress Installation 2017

This is the last step in order for you to start your wordpress blog on Bluehost. Are you excited?

In this part, you need to put your:

  • Site Name or Title (ex:  Start Blog Easy), 
  • Admin Username (ex: startblogeasyadmin or mypetnameistoffy),
  • Admin Email Address (ex:
  • Admin Password

Check the three (3) check boxes below and the last action you need to do is to click on the Install button to start your wordpress installation.

Installing wordpress 2017

You will see this page after. You can see the above words: “WordPress Is Installing.”

Bluehost wordpress istallation complete 2017

After a few seconds or minutes you will see this message: “Installation Complete” and you are now online! CONGRATULATIONS! Your wordpress blog is now online!

But I won’t leave you from there. I will still continue to guide you in building your wordpress blog.

So you have already started a wordpress blog on Bluehost and what’s next? The next things you have to to is to customize your blog, publish a post, increase your visitors and earn money from your blog. In order to make all that happen, continue reading on the links below.

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